Build an investment portfolio

How to Build an Investment Portfolio


Whether it’s being able to send your children to the best schools, buy that car of your dreams or have that around-the-world trip you’ve always wanted, everything you do costs money! In order to get that money either you have to work hard or your money does. To help you build the life you want here are

4 things you MUST do in order to build a GREAT investment portfolio



Understand the purpose of your investment. If you begin building an investment portfolio without knowing exactly what you want from it and what it’s supposed to do, chances are you are going to be disappointed with the result.  Worse yet, it is quite likely that you will choose the wrong assets in the wrong mix and so drastically increase the chance of losing money. You need to understand your investment time frame, goals and risk tolerance and build accordingly.


Choose your investment’s home. Before you begin investing consider what the best home for your investment is. Should you hold the investment in your personal name? Should it be in a company or trust? Or superannuation perhaps. Making the right decision here can save you $100,000s over the life of the investments. For example, if you purchased a positively geared investment property through a family trust this would allow you to split the income and eventual capital gain with your family members. If you had children who were young adults on a low income the savings could be massive! Such choices can also help you protect your investments from creditors or divorce settlements. 


Be tax smart. Not all investments were created equal. Some of them carry fantastic tax advantages whilst others… don’t really do much for you at all. By understanding and maximising the tax benefits associated with your investments you can boost your overall return. For example Australian shares can come with franking credits which offset your tax payable whilst investment properties can be depreciated.


Be fee smart. Many managed funds come with an investment fee of between 1-2 % whilst at the same time consistently underperforming the market. You are in effect paying for underperformance. A better strategy would be to buy into the market through an index fund and obtain the market return for a fraction of the cost around 0.2%. You pay less and get a better result! Over the years this adds up and has an enormous impact. 

If you aren’t confident that you have all four of the above points in perfect working order we want to help you. To make sure that you’re not putting your money into an investment portfolio built like a house of cards we’re offering a

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with an advisor who will help you avoid the pitfalls and traps and build a GREAT investment.

Why are we offering this?


We want to help you get on the front foot so that you avoid getting caught in a financial standstill that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. This won’t be a sales call, you will be speaking to a highly qualified financial advisor whose time is valuable. We only want to work with people who are serious about getting a fantastic financial result. This call is absolutely 100% free with no catches. During the call, you and the advisor might find that you want to work together further afterwards or you might not. Either is fine. All that we ask is that you commit your time seriously to this call and we will do the same!

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