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What could you achieve if you had the smart money in your corner?

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What could you achieve if you had the smart money in your corner?

Claim your free $497 financial strategy session to find out!

Or call us on 0416 552 064

What makes a good financial consultant?

A financial consultant provides you with financial advice that will help you achieve your financial goals. What a good financial consultant will do is help you develop a timeline to achieve those goals. They know that life can change and are willing to work with you in the long term to keep you on track to achieving your financial goals. Read more…

Financial Consultant

If you are looking for financial consulting services you can trust and rely on, the only name you need to remember is WealthLine. We are the leading experts in financial services consulting, providing clients with the best chance of saving money on taxes and fees, while also helping them to increase their wealth. When you come to WealthLine for your financial consulting services, you will be getting custom tailored advice from a company that cares. Our advisors are appointed, not hired. We don’t just put an ad in the paper when we’re looking to recruit someone. That’s how you can be confident that you’re going to get the very best service in financial consulting. Whatever kind of financial challenges or problems you may be facing, we’ll have the answers for you. You can count on us absolutely to find and recommend the financial solutions that work to your maximum advantage. Because we are professional financial consultants, you need not have any fear of our recommendations being biased or working in any other interests than your own. We are fully committed to the task of helping our clients achieve their financial goals. For those clients who don’t actually have any financial goals, we can help them decide what it is they want to achieve, and then help them achieve it. We have been doing this for a very long time, and we’re very good at it. Financial success doesn’t usually happen by accident. We design financial success for our clients and the results speak for themselves. Not sure if you can believe it? Well come in and see for yourself. We’ll show you exactly what you can expect from us, and back it up with real proof.

The utmost in financial consulting services

Let our financial experts guide you in achieving financial freedom. We make it possible for you to build more wealth, save money on your taxes, and pay less fees for your financial services. Unlike financial consultants who are tied to banks or investment houses, we can give you advice that doesn’t attempt to influence you toward financial decisions that benefit a parent company more than they benefit you. The true power of working with us is that your consultant is always putting your needs first, and the consultant has a strong incentive to do that because they only benefit if you do. When it is a bank or investment house, they derive benefit whether your situation improves or not. It really doesn’t matter to them because their commission comes from what they sell to you, not what they earn for you. Choose financial consulting from WealthLine and put our power to work for you. We’ll make an impressive difference to your financial well-being right from the start, and you will see real results. Unlike the investment houses, you also won’t end up paying huge fees or seeing your gains eroded by taxes and miscellaneous charges. We know how to make your money work for you. We help you make more money and keep more of the money you make. That is why more people recommend WealthLine than any other financial consultant. Call today and start building your financial future with WealthLine. WealthLine is recommended as the best experienced Financial Advisor, Superannuation Advisor, Strategic Tax Advice, Income Protection, Wealth Creation & Wealth Management specialist in Sydney. If you have any questions about our services, Contact us online or call us at 0416 552 064. …Hide Content

Why should we be your financial consultant?

WealthLine has helped clients grow their wealth by giving them advice that helps them achieve their financial goals. By staying with our clients for the long term, we ensure that they remain on track to achieving their financial goals.

We build a relationship with our clients, which allows us to build a strategy that helps them and not us. WealthLine puts your interests first, not ours. We achieve success with you.


Normally $497


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What makes WealthLine different?

Our 10x cost/value guarantee

We guarantee that the fee and tax saving we obtain for you will be AT LEAST 10x the cost of working together*

Our advice is independently verified

That way you have PEACE OF MIND all advice given by us will ALWAYS be in your best interests.

We're here for the long run

We don’t just put you on the right financial path. We understand that you will need support the whole way through so we walk it WITH YOU!

*This is a MINIMUM commitment. In the vast majority of cases our clients have experienced tax and fee savings well in excess of this. The calculation of your fee and tax saving is based on the expected outcome of implementing our advice and is compared to the plan and implementation fee. It uses assumptions which relate to our current taxation laws which are liable to change.

What makes us different?

 Our 10x cost/value guarantee
We guarantee that the fee and tax saving we obtain for you will be AT LEAST 10x the cost of working together*

Independently verified

Each piece of advice is independently assessed so you can have peace of mind that you are doing the right thing.

Here for the long run

We don’t just set you on the right path. We walk it with you because we know it’s important to be there for the long run.

We can help you:

We can help you:

People we have helped

All of our reviews are completed through Facebook so you know they are real customers!

So far our average client has saved:

$178,397.5 in fees

$43,353.75 in tax

As at 25/09/2017

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