Improve your savings

How to supercharge your savings


When the end of the month comes do you look at your savings account with horror or pride? If you’re like most Australians it might go back and forth quite a bit. But getting a fantastic result requires consistency! Since that’s easier said than done here’s

3 critical ideas you need to know about in order to get an AMAZING savings result:



You need to save BEFORE you spend. When you are committing to a savings goal you need to work from the savings you NEED not your current spending habits. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to save whatever you have left over at the end of the month. The issue with doing it that way around is that it doesn’t keep you accountable and small spending indiscretions here and there can destroy what started off as a great plan.


To be rich you need to make yourself feel poor. If you have readily accessible cash and are constantly being reminded of it this is going to have an impact on your spending habits. Move your money into a separate account that is more difficult to both access and see. This will help keep you in line and avoid the temptation to splurge.


Get rid of that credit card. Using a credit card is more expensive than you think. Not only do they come with 20% plus interest charges but they also prevent you from learning how to appropriately budget. This makes you spend more of your money and get further into debt. A great alternative is to use a debit card. This gives you the full functionality of a credit card but with your own money.

If you don’t already have these practices in place then you aren’t maximising your savings potential. To make sure that you are not leaving thousands of dollars in savings on the table we’re offering a

free 30-minute phone consultation

with an advisor who can help you identify your savings pain points and take the right steps to get rid of them.

Why are we offering this?


We want to help you get on the front foot so that you avoid getting caught in a financial standstill that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. This won’t be a sales call, you will be speaking to a highly qualified financial advisor whose time is valuable. We only want to work with people who are serious about getting a fantastic financial result. This call is absolutely 100% free with no catches. During the call, you and the advisor might find that you want to work together further afterwards or you might not. Either is fine. All that we ask is that you commit your time seriously to this call and we will do the same!

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