manage your debt

How to obliterate your debt


With the property prices in Sydney and corresponding debt levels properly mapping out your debt and managing it correctly has never been more important. To make sure that you don’t get caught in a debt trap here are

3 critical ideas you need to know in order to Effectively manage your debt:



You should be directing your savings towards your offset and NOT your loan. This is important on a number of levels. Firstly it creates a firewall between you and the banks by ensuring that you have accessible liquid funds. You may not always be able to redraw your loan but you will be able to withdraw from your offset. One is the bank’s money, the other is yours. The second is that it prevents you from paying down your debt and potentially losing tax-deductible interest payments in the event that your home becomes an investment property. This could save you HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars in tax!


Your rate is MORE important than you know. On a million-dollar loan, a rate difference of 0.5% equates to $5,000 per annum. If you took this $5,000 and instead added it to your loan repayments you would shave 4 years off your loan! That could mean retiring four years earlier! What would you do with that time !?


Consolidating your debt can save you thousands! For example, if you had a credit card with a $10,000 balance at 20% and a personal loan with $20,000 outstanding at 13% and you consolidated this into your home loan at 4% you would be saving $3,800 in interest per year!

Those are just the simple points! If you aren’t confident that your current debt set-up isn’t the best it can be we want to help. To make sure that you are not paying thousands of dollars more than you have to we are offering you a

free 30-minute phone consultation

with an advisor who can help you identify your debt pain points and take the right steps to get rid of them.


Why are we offering this?


We want to help you get on the front foot so that they you avoid getting caught in a financial standstill that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars needlessly. This won’t be a sales call, you will be speaking to a highly qualified financial advisor whose time is valuable. We only want to work with people who are serious about getting a fantastic financial result. This call is absolutely 100% free with no catches. During the call, you and the advisor might find that you want to work together further afterwards or you might not. Either is fine. All that we ask is that you commit your time seriously to this call and we will do the same to help you!

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