Protect your family

How to protect your family


Everyone loves their family. We want to make sure that if things go wrong they are protected and can still live their lives to the fullest. But the insurance world is a jungle, so to make sure you don’t get bitten here are

4 critical facts about insurance that you MUST know



It’s possible that your insurance isn’t guaranteed. Unless your policy is guaranteed renewable your insurance company could potentially change the insurance terms on you without your permission or simply choose to cancel your coverage after giving you a warning period. If you don’t know whether your insurance policy is guaranteed renewable, then find out. If you don’t it could end up costing you or your family. 


Not all disability cover was created equal. There are a number of forms your disability cover could take. Some will cover if you can’t work in your own job, some if you can’t work in any job. Others you would be hard-pressed to get a claim from regardless of your circumstances. Once again, this is something you NEED to know. If you get it wrong and then become disabled, it’s already too late for you and your family.


You can lock in the cost of your cover. As you get older, your cover normally gets more expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. On certain policies, you can elect to lock in a portion or all of the costs through what are known as level premiums. If you intend to hold your insurance for the long term this could save you $10,000s!


The way in which you own your cover can affect your tax. Where you hold your insurance, whether it be in your personal name, superannuation, a company or trust will have an impact on its tax deductibility. It will also have an impact on the manner in which tax is applied to any benefit payments you or your family receive. Explaining this would take volumes so if you want to know more about this take us up on our free consultation offer below. 

If you haven’t already addressed all the points above then it is likely that you aren’t protecting your family in the way you really intended to. To help you fix this we’re offering a

free 30-minute phone consultation

with an advisor who can help you identify your protection pain points and take the right steps to get rid of them.


Why are we offering this?


We want to help you get on the front foot so that you avoid getting caught in a financial standstill that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. This won’t be a sales call, you will be speaking to a highly qualified financial advisor whose time is valuable. We only want to work with people who are serious about getting a fantastic financial result. This call is absolutely 100% free with no catches. During the call, you and the advisor might find that you want to work together further afterwards or you might not. Either is fine. All that we ask is that you commit your time seriously to this call and we will do the same!

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