Save tax

How to save a mountain load of tax


Everyone wants to pay less tax! There’s quite a good chance that it is your single largest expense. But as tax is one of those things that you need to manage through careful planning and diligence many people put it in the too-hard basket and so continue paying more than they should.

3 proven questions you need to ask in order to get a GREAT tax result:



Am I missing out on the full tax benefits of my current situation and holdings? Some examples where you could be missing out would be failing to obtain a depreciation schedule on a new investment property, incorrectly allocating funds between savings/offsets and failing to record a log book if you use your car for work.


Can I structure my finances going forward in a way which achieves a better tax outcome? For example, if you are purchasing an investment property, should this be done in one of your names, both, a company or a trust? The right decision could save you hundreds of thousands in tax over the lifetime of your investment.


Are any of my current actions causing me to pay more tax than necessary, and if so what can I do about this? An example of this that occurs quite frequently is that a home loan is paid down whilst the property is a principal residence and so when it becomes an investment property there is no deductible debt to offset the income it is producing and so can result in an unnecessarily high tax bill.

If the answer to any of these questions is a “Yes” or a “I’m not quite sure” then it is likely that you are paying more tax than necessary. To make sure that you are not leaving thousands of dollars in tax savings on the table we’re offering a

free 30-minute phone consultation 

with an advisor who can help you identify your tax pain points and take the right steps to get rid of them.


Why are we offering this?


We want to help you get on the front foot so that you avoid getting caught in a financial standstill that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. This won’t be a sales call, you will be speaking to a highly qualified financial advisor whose time is valuable. We only want to work with people who are serious about getting a fantastic financial result. This call is absolutely 100% free with no catches. During the call, you and the advisor might find that you want to work together further afterwards or you might not. Either is fine. All that we ask is that you commit your time seriously to this call and we will do the same!

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